Ground Transportation That Will Take You Higher

Let us guess: the words “ground transportation” don’t conjure up great feelings. If you’re traveling to Aspen it usually means your flight was canceled or diverted and now you’re stuck driving a car you’re not familiar with white knuckles through weather conditions that make for great skiing and terrifying driving. Or you’re going to have to take some shuttle that costs as much as your airplane ticket but takes 100 times as long.

Luxury Mountain Transportation

Not any more.

With Luxury Mountain Transportation you can hire your own private one-of-a-kind Mercedes Sprinter luxury vans, equipped with wall-to-wall technology and top-notch personal service that take riding in style to new highs. We also have an entire fleet of luxury automobiles, including sedans, Chevy Suburbans and Cadillac Escalades.

Here are the top five reasons to get on board:

1. Keep your wheels on the ground.
Unlike the airlines, you can count on Mile Hi Transportation to get you to or from the mountains in any weather conditions. As long as the road is open, we’re on it. With a new location coming soon to Basalt, we’ll be in close range to Grand Junction and Rifle airports, where flights into Aspen often get diverted in inclement weather. Or just let us pick you up at DIA and don’t worry about flight delays and lost luggage. The inspiration for our van design was to make it feel like a private plane—none of the luxuries or amenities were overlooked, from deluxe leather seats to catering and bottle service.

2. Ride out the storm with us.
If for some reason the passes are closed or there’s a detour or delay, our vans are as comfortable as your living room. Pass the time with a movie on Apple TV with our 40” flat screen TV or catch up on work with our onboard wireless or enjoy a hot meal; we have electrical outlets on board for heating elements that can keep cooked foods fresh and warm.

3. Get the party rolling.
Our luxury vans are the perfect way to get your guests to your wedding, bachelor party or bridal shower in style. We can play a slideshow of your photos for that personal touch and offer champagne and bottle service, not to mention a top of the line sound system to get things rolling while we’re rolling. We also have a privacy screen to separate the riders from the driver which might be just the thing on the way to the honeymoon suite.

4. Stay connected.
Use our onboard wireless and 40” flat screen TV for presentations and business meetings on corporate retreats and other business related events. Or simply catch up on work on your ride to the mountains.

5. Get high with Mile Hi.
It’s okay, we can talk about it openly now: Marijuana is legal in the state of Colorado so we have equipped our vans with ionizers, which will divert the smell of smoke if necessary on board. We are also happy to stop at dispensaries on the way to Aspen or to be of assistance in any way we can with your Rocky Mountain High.

For more information or to book a reservation, visit the Mile-Hi Transportation web site,