Here Are the 5 Best Stores for Shopping in Aspen

Aspen is such a unique shopping destination. There, luxury meets everyday life in a striking manner. It’s the perfect playground for avid shoppers who also seek the relaxation of the mountains. Imagine yourself strolling down the streets of downtown, perusing the high-end stores in search of that perfect outfit, and even venturing in smaller and more authentic shops where you can find treasures. No matter what you’re looking for, you’re sure to love the selection. Read on, take notes, and discover how fun shopping in Aspen can be.  

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Here’s How to Do Shopping in Aspen Right 


Is a shopping spree ever complete without a visit to Gucci? We don’t think so, and luckily for you, Aspen has a vibrant Gucci outpost you can visit. Keep in mind that it only carries the women’s collection. However, men can still enjoy a variety of bags, belts, andof course, Gucci Timbs. 


The Prada store in Aspen is one-of-a-kind. It’s located in a gorgeous 19thcentury building that used to be the BEST nightclub in town in the 1970s. It was so extravagant that it even had a skylight that used to open whenever it would snow! In the store, you’ll find all the latest collections, especially the slopes’ fashion so you can look your best while skiing. 

Maison Ullens 

Maison Ullens is one of the newest additions to the collection of stores in Aspen. They also have a boutique in Paris! In the Aspen one, you’ll find sophisticated clothes made from luxurious materials, including linen and silk. It’s the perfect fashion temple for women with active lifestyles that want to look elegant no matter the circumstance. 

Kemo Sabe 

If there’s one store you cannot miss while in Aspen, it’s Kemo Sabe. After all, cowboy culture is everywhere in Colorado, so why not immerse yourself in it a little more? At this store, you will find an array of cowboy-style apparel and accessories and even get a custom-made hat! We particularly love their selection of high-end leather boots that will make you wish you could travel back in time!

Explore Booksellers 

Would you like to take a break from clothes? Explore Booksellers is a dream come true for bookworms in need of a good vacation read. The store is housed in a gorgeous Victorian home at the center of Aspen and offers a large selection of books and comfy reading nooks. Browse titles across a variety of genres, including business, history, travel, fiction, and children’s literatureas well as gifts, journals, and other accessories. You can even grab lunch or a hot cappuccino at the Pyramid Bistro upstairs! 

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