Sweet Ride! Luxury Car Rentals, Aspen-Style.

We’re guessing chances are, your last rental car wasn’t a Bentley.

The term “rental car” often conjures up images of joyless, non-descript cars that smell like carpet cleaner and do little more than get you from Point A to Point B. “Luxury car rental” is, in many ways, a contradiction in terms—at least until Go Rentals came along and changed all that.

Supercar Focus

Modeled after the kind of luxury service you can expect from five-star hotels, Go Rentals caters to the private aviation market and to clients who expect a higher level of service and luxury when they travel. If it’s a Ferrari you want, it’s a Ferrari you’ll get. Go Rentals offers a wide range of rental car options, from $79 – $1,800 day.

We caught up with Mike Bodrogi, Regional Manager for Colorado to talk Ferrari, Porsche, Range Rover and even the upcoming arrival of a brand new Bentley SUV never before seen on the market.

Tell us about Go Rentals. What do you do that’s different from any other rental car company?
We are a rental car company that caters to private aviation, five star hotels and the luxury home rental market. Our service is predicated on 5-star, VIP service. We provide clean, sanitized low mileage new vehicles and a very high level of service. We offer free deliver and pick up anywhere in Aspen or Snowmass. Go Rentals is owned by two bothers out of Orange County, so it is a family run business. We service 42 locations in six states including California, Arizona, Colorado, Las Vegas, Florida, Utah, and Massachusetts.

What are some of the more exciting vehicles in your fleet?
This summer we introduced the Bentley GT convertible, a $225,000 car. We also offered the Ferrari California convertible for our summer fleet, another car worth over $200,000. We switch it up in from summer to winter because of winter driving conditions here in Colorado require it.

What are some of your most popular cars?
We carry full size Range Rovers, Audi, Mercedes SUV and sedans and Porsche products. We’re big on Cadillac; the Escalade is a very popular car for us.

What makes your cars better than other luxury car rentals?
We always offer the current model year with less than 20,000 miles on the car. Once the car hits 18 months or 20,000 miles, we replace it with a brand new car. We have over 1,000 cars in our inventory company wide—tens of millions of dollars in inventory. What separates us from every other company is our cars are so fresh and in such impeccable condition. Once we’ve educated people that they can actually get a brand new Range Rover for rent, they’re all over it.

What can the customer expect when they get a vehicle from Go Rentals?
The customer can expect to be delivered on time at his plane immediately up on arrival. The car will be warmed up and sanitized, with low mileage. They can expect a personal meet and greet by a Go Rentals representative in uniform who is professional and well trained in guest services. Each guest gets my business card with my cell phone number, so if they need anything they’re going to call and get the manager on the phone. We’re a 7-day a week 24-hour a day operation.

Any special perks?
We always put chilled bottles of Fiji in the car and a handwritten card welcoming the client to Aspen. Like any luxury property, I’m going to try to meet my client’s preferences. If I know someone likes sugar free Red Bulls or prefers sparkling water, I’ll make sure they get it. We are very concierge minded. In fact, we refer to our team members as “CARcierges.”

What’s new and exciting for the 2016 winter season lineup?
We are anticipating the upcoming arrival of a 2016 Bentley SUV. It’s a brand new product for Bentley worth around $250,000. Premium buyers will pay thousands over the retail price to obtain one and they will be initially released in limited supply. Whoever rents that car, you’re driving around Aspen in the only Bentley SUV out there.

For more information on booking a luxury car through Go Rentals visit their web site.