Here Is What You Need to Know About the Aspen Music Festival Summer Season

In the winter, Aspen has every snowy activity you could ever imagine. In the summer, the sun warms our mountain landscape to create a plethora of new things to do and see. The arts thrive here during the summer season, and it is not uncommon to stay for months at a time to experience it all. No matter how long you’re staying, make sure you attend the Aspen Music Festival Summer Season. Over a span of a few months, this school for young adults puts on countless classical performances. Get a copy of our complimentary Vacation Guide so you can start planning your summer getaway!

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About the Aspen Music Festival Summer Season

Every year, more than 100,000 people come to Aspen to experience the premier musical events put on by the Aspen Music Festival and School. The Aspen Music Festival Summer Season is made up of more than 400 individual events, and music enthusiasts find themselves coming year after year. The theme changes each season, and the music played depends on the chosen theme. Composers, set, theatrical works, and overall tone are all centered around this one idea to create a cohesive season.

The Events

The Aspen Music Festival Summer Season offers hundreds of events sprinkled throughout the warm days of summer. You can attend concerts put on by five different orchestras, solo and chamber music performances, operas, lectures, and even programs made for children.

Where Are the Events?

The primary venue is located in the Benedict Music Tent, a gorgeous open-air tent that can seat up to 2,050 people. Smaller events are next door in the Joan and Irving Harris Concert Hall. Local tip: If there is an event at the Benedict Music Tent you want to attend but you do not have tickets, you are welcome to picnic on the grass alongside the tent and enjoy the show. Some say it is even more enjoyable this way!

The School

The Aspen Music Festival and School is renowned for the musicians that study there. Students can choose from different programs such as orchestra, brass, piano, conducting, and more. It is these students that create such elaborate and incredible events for all to enjoy during the summer season.

How Do I Get Tickets?

You have plenty of options to secure your tickets to these summer performances. You can purchase your tickets online through the events calendar, over the phone by calling (970) 925-9042, or in person at the Box Office. If you’re planning to go to more than one concert, consider a season pass! However, the best way to get tickets is for our concierge to secure them for you. They can plan a night you will never forget complete with classical music that will delight the senses.

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aspen signature properties accommodationsWhen summer comes, Aspen transforms into a lush paradise. Hike through the mountains, paraglide over the landscape, and attend the Aspen Music Festival Summer Season. No matter what you are here to do, our concierge will make sure it is the trip of a lifetime. Browse through our exclusive rentals to start planning your stay. We can’t wait to host you the Aspen Signature Properties way!